Many problems of growing plants in bathrooms are quite similar to those prevailing in the kitchen – changes in temperature. hot-water vapour – with the additional hazard of lack of light and the adjuncts to modern living such as aerosols and clouds of talcum powder. There are plants that will survive these conditions. but they do need a great deal of care and attention to ensure that they continue to thrive.

Attractive plants perched on the sides of a bath look very nice in magazines, but are totally impractical in a family bathroom. especially with small children. Far better to select a few tough plants and set them on firm shelves out of direct clouds of hot-water vapour and inquisitive tiny hands of young children. Flowering houseplants can do well in the bathroom, as they often have a limited life and are then discarded. Foliage plants with tender leaves may need a respite from these conditions. in a first-aid area of the house, before being replaced in the bathroom. If the bathroom is very hot and steamy, use plants with a lot of small leaves, such as Asparagus densiflorus and the small variegated ivies, as they can afford to lose a leaf now and again. The larger the bathroom, the easier it will be to grow plants successfully. Always try to place them near the light and away from hot water vapour and the area in which aerosol sprays are usually used.

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