The kitchen is the work centre of the home, and as such often becomes a hectic and cluttered place. Furthermore, there are severe changes in temperature throughout the day. as well as steam and sudden waves of heat as an oven is opened. It is. therefore, not an easy place in which to keep plants, and much of the skill in successfully growing plants there is in the selection and positioning of them within the room. Artists’ impressions of modern kitchens. with masses of space, are all very well. but in reality many kitchens are often quite small.

1 lowever. a few plants in the kitchen can help to make it a nicer place to work in, and give a temporary respite from the

pressure of life. Trailing plants, set high up on the tops of cupboards, are ideal brighteners. such as Setcreasea pallida (syn..S. purpurea). Zebrina pendula, Trad-escantia fluminensis and perhaps Chloro-phytum comosum. The practicalities of watering these plants should not be overlooked, as if placed on a too high shelf it becomes difficult to judge if watering is necessary. A watering-can also becomes difficult to use. As well as plants that trail from cupboards. it will be necessary to have at least one plant that grows upright and can be placed on a working surface. This will help to provide interest at eye level. Cacti and succulents do well in trays along the window-sill, and so too. do many dowering plants.

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