Plants To Grow Around The Front Door

Walls, steps, and paving around the front door and the porch can all be used to show off a wonderful range of flowering plants and evergreens through the year.

Using the walls

When space is short the walls provide a vertical background for plants. If you mix evergreens with flowering climbers, chosen to flower at different times of the year, there will always be something of interest to see. This is the perfect place for a fragrant rose, jasmine or honeysuckle. Wires screwed at intervals to the wall will support climbing plants invisibly as they disappear into the background, or you can use trellis to persuade plants to grow in the direction you want.

Wall baskets are another way of using walls. Choose from wire or plastic half-baskets, terracotta pots, or iron or plastic ‘manger’ style containers. Group three at different heights for a dramatic visual effect.

Beside the path

Containers can be grouped for a garden border effect, perhaps at one side of the door where there is most room. Alternatively, two matching plants in matching pots placed on either side of the door will produce a simple and striking symmetrical effect.

Plants To Grow Around The Front DoorWhen grouping pots for the best effect use those that match either in colour or material.

The area need never be bare if evergreens are included. Pots of spring bulbs can then be introduced, followed by summer annuals, then autumn flowering plants. In this way the colour scheme can be subtly changed.

Hanging colour

A porch provides a perfect place for a hanging basket but brackets on either side of the door can also be used very effectively.

Enhancing the style

The house style can provide a good basis around which to plan a scheme.

Modern town house. This may lend itself to a symmetric scheme of two identical trees. Consider both the tree shape and the house style when choosing the containers.

Traditional town house. Use steps leading to the front door to line up a row of pots or, if space is at a premium, hang window boxes on the outside of railing.

Flat. If your front door leads off a landing, use a tub beside the door or, if space is very limited, a couple of well-hung containers for a cheerful display.

Country cottage. This begs a romantic scene of roses and honeysuckle to form a frame around the door. Even if a country cottage is just a dream, you can still create this effect with an urban house by picking terracotta pots and old fashioned fragrant plants to surround the door.

plants for front doorSome plants to try


  • Roses Bobby James is a rambler with large trusses of fragrant white flowers. Bleu Magenta is another rambler with flowers of a deep purple red. Compassion is a climber with a strong fragrance.
  • Clematis Montana ‘Rubens’ has a mass of tiny pink flowers in spring, while ‘Lasurstern’ has large violet blue flowers in early summer. Tangutica has tiny bell-shaped yellow flowers in midsummer.
  • Common White Jasmine has star-shaped, fragrant white flowers.
  • Ivy will provide roundthe-year greenery. ‘Goldheart’ has yellow blotches on its green leaves, while ‘Glacier’ is mottled grey green.


  • Pine Pinus sylvestris ‘Beuvronensis’ is a tiny dense shrub with grey, green leaves.
  • Lawson cypress ‘Ellwoodii’ is column-shaped and has grey green foliage.

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