Plastic Stem-holders In Flower Arranging

Now in general use, plastic stem-holders are generally types of foamed urea. They are water-retentive and yielding. So long as stems are not too soft and sappy they will enter the plastic easily and be held firmly. Only a short portion of the stem need be inserted for it to be anchored, which means that quite short-stemmed flowers can be used in a number of attractive ways. Often they can be made to appear long-stemmed.

There are two main types used for fresh flowers, OASIS and FLORAPAK. The second holds water and should not need moistening every day although it should be checked from time to time. owns both absorbs and releases moisture more quickly and it should not be allowed to become dry. It holds its shape well, does not easily crumble and can be used outside the container. It may also be used dry for arrangements of perpetuelles and all dried flowers. Both brands are available in the form of roughly brick-sized slabs which can he cut to shape as required. OASIS is also sold in the form of cylinders, so shaped and sized as to fit a number of useful cups, bowls, holders and other containers of various shapes, sizes and uses.plastic-stem-holder

Obviously stem-holders should not be conspicuous. Wire netting inside a container is well masked but a pin-holder or a block of plastic might easily show. Fortunately, the means we use to hide these holders also add to the interest of the flower arrangement itself and can even be an important part of it. Sometimes it may be necessary to do no more than arrange the largest flower in the group so low that it hides all trace of the holder from which it leans. Often, and this is a pretty method, a group of large leaves can be arranged like a little skirt around the base of taller stems. One can also use a mossy stone or two, a group of shells, some driftwood, fruits, a whole plant or any natural material which seems to have an affinity with the particular flowers or materials being used.

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