PLEIONE Rockery Orchid

A plant for people who want to keep up with the Jones’s – a true Orchid which will grow outdoors! All you need is a sheltered site in partial shade – the soil must be enriched with plenty of peat and leaf mould plus some sharp sand. In winter, cover the plant with a pane of glass to keep the soil dry. Your reward will be true Orchid flowers, about 3 in. long, borne on short stems – living proof that not all Orchids come from the jungle.

VARIETIES: P. bulbocodioides (P. formosana) and its varieties are the Pleiones which are usually grown outdoors – height 6 in., spread 6 in.

Flowering period: April-May. The showy blooms bear narrow white or pink petals and a large yellow, white or orange central tube. After blooming the wide grassy leaves appear – a showpiece in any garden.

SITE AND SOIL: Afree-draining soil enriched with humus is required – do not plant in full sun.

PROPAGATION: Plant a detached pseudobulb in a cold frame in

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