Pleomele reflexa ‘Variegata’ (syn. Dracaena reflexa)

This lovely tropical plant closely resembles Dracaenas, among which it was originally classified. Its stems are thickly covered with long, narrow, faintly arching leaves. Those of the cultivar ‘Variegata’ are exceptionally decorative as they are edged with broad creamy to golden-yellow bands. Its rate of growth is slow, so it is unlikely to grow too tall and will not need to be pruned.

It does well in diffused light and tolerates even slight partial shade. The temperature in winter should be 18°-25°C (64°-77° F). In summer it will benefit by being transferred to the garden or a balcony. P. reflexa also does well in soilless cultivation. It is readily propagated by means of tip as well as stem cuttings, which rapidly form roots.

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