P. See CERATOSTIGMA for the garden species.

Plumbago capensis is a climber to about 8 ft. suitable for a frost-proof greenhouse. The pale blue flowers appear in summer. Increase by cuttings in early spring.

POINSETTIA These well-known hothouse plants have brilliant scarlet bracts in mid-winter showing in vivid contrast above the light green leaves. It is often seen in florists’ windows. For soil give it 3 parts loam and 1 part a mixture of sand, manure and leaf mould; it should be potted on as needed. Do not water in winter. Second year flowering is much more attractive. Cut down in March, put in propagating case, and when resulting shoots are 3 in. long, detach and plant in sand, still in propagating case, till rooted. The correct name is Euphorbia pulcherrima.

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