Plumbago auriculata – Leadwort

The pretty little flowers of the leadwort will last for months on end. The leaves are oval and a rich green colour. Long shoots may need some support. The plant is excellent for use in tubs.


  • Growing season 10-2 °C (50-70 °F)
  • Minimum winter 4 °C (39 °F)

Soil: A soil-less compost.

Where to position: In summer the plant can be stood out of doors. In winter a light, frost-free, cool spot will suit it.

Plumbago auriculata - Leadwort

Watering requirements: Keep soil moist. There are no humidity requirements.

General care: The plant will flower for some months on end. Feed with very diluted liquid weekly. Remove faded blooms.

Rest: In late September, transfer the plant to a cool, well-lit winter position. Reduce watering to keep soil just moist. The site must be frost-free. In spring, re-pot and as growth starts slowly increase water.

When it looks sick:

  • Yellowish foliage which looks dull and anaemic : Almost certainly the result of root damage caused by over-watering. Allow the soil to dry and reduce the amount of water given.
  • Excessive leaf production and fewer flowers : Overfeeding. Be sparing with feed.

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