Polygonum- Knotweed

Annual and perennial plants, beautiful but fairly rare. The climbing Russian vine is now found under Bilderdykia .


The hardy perennials discussed below produce fine red flower spikes; the species affine creates good ground-cover. Some shade is tolerated.


Nutritious, fairly damp, soil.


Easily increased by division.

Polygonum affine: Height 30 cm; crimson flowers in erect spikes in late summer and early autumn; the foliage is retained in winter. Creeping rootstock. ‘Superbum’ is the form most generally used; it flowers a little more profusely.

Polygonum amplexicaule: Height to 1.5 m; crimson flower spikes mid summer to mid autumn; ‘Atrosan-guineum’ is the finest strain. Highly recommended border plant, very beautiful next to asters and other autumn-flowering plants.

Pontederia cordata

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