Pontederia: Growing Guide

A hardy perennial pond plant for a water depth of 15- cm; beautiful blue flowers.


May be used in small ponds as well as in large, natural stretches of water. The plants frequently start into growth very early, after which they freeze up and the continue growing in late spring. Thev flower most profusely in full sun, but partial shade is accepted.


Clay or loam is best; alternatively fill containers with potting soil and cover with sharp sand.


By division or from seed.

Pontederia cordata: Height 40-80 cm; blue flowers in thick, erect growing spikes in summer months. The long-stalked leaves are bright green, oblong to heart-shaped. Creeping rhizomes, so that in the course of a few years the plant may spread enormously. In very shallow water Pontederia may be killed by frost in particularly severe winters.

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