One that can be moved about to start seed, or to protect or bring on young stuff in any part of the plot, and is very handy. That described weighs less than 2 lb. and the size of it is adjusted to take exactly a half-yard of unbreakable glass substitute. The diagrams give the idea. The end A is 16 in. wide, 5 in. high, rising to 6 in. at centre to allow for top slope and 1 in. levelled to take top stay, which runs the length of the light (C) and joins up to the other end, so providing the top support, being screwed inside each end flush with top of ends; it can be of 1 in. squared wood. The sides will be 30 in. long by 5 in. deep. When these are screwed together the ‘glass’ will go over, with a nice margin for securing by gimp tacks nailed through thin 3-ply y4 in. straps. To keep secure along top, nail a ½ in. strap of 3-ply over the ‘glass’ (B) and nail securely to the understay (G). To lift the light an old saucepan-lid handle is screwed on the top strap.

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