The shrubby potentillas are particularly valuable because of their long flowering season, often from May to October. They are mostly small shrubs with dense twiggy growth, small divided leaves and yellow or white flowers. All will grow in semi-shade, but flower most freely in sunny, rather warm places and they thrive in all reasonably well-drained soils. The naturally rather dense habit can be improved if some of the older stems are cut out each March and the previous year’s growth is shortened by a third or even more.

Good kinds are Potentilla arbuscula, yellow, 2 ft.; Elizabeth, light yellow, 3 ft. ; and varieties of P. fruticosa such as Katherine Dykes, light yellow, 6 ft. ; grandiflora (or Jackman’s Variety), canary yellow, 4 ft. ; mandschurica, white, 1 ft. ; Tangerine, orange yellow, 2 ft., and vilmoriniana, silvery leaves, cream flowers, 4 to 6 ft.

Potentilla fruticosa

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