P. An attractive rockery or border plant with leaves like those of the strawberry.

Dwarf varieties include Potentilla nitida, reaching about 4 in. with rose flowers, which requires full sun and rather poor soil, and P. tonguci, which is the same height, having warm apricot flowers with crimson blotches. It blooms in late summer. Gibson’s Scarlet is about 16 in. high and useful for the front of the border.

P. nepalensis Roxana is a warm salmon-rose 2 ft. high in good soil P. fruticosa Katharine Dykes is a shrubby variety to about 3 ft. with light yellow flowers. The double potentillas are too seldom grown but are quite easy, only requiring a sunny position and well-drained soil. They are in bloom most of the summer. Mrs John Harkness (crimson), Victor Lemoine (red edged yellow, and William Rollinson (orange-flame) are noteworthy P. versicolor plena is another double which is more orange. All potentillas are increased by division in spring.

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