Potentilla- Qinquejoil

Hardy perennials and deciduous shrubs with a prolonged flowering season.


The hardy perennials in borders and rock gardens; the shrubs can make insubstantial hedges.


Chalky, sandy soil is preferred.


Hardy perennials by division; the shrubs from winter cuttings.

Potentilla atrosanguinea: Perennial plant; height 40- cm; carmine-red flowers in summer months. ‘Gibson’s

Scarlet’, vermilion-red with bright-green leaves, is the best known variety.

Potentilla fruticosa: A shrub; height to 1 m; yellow, yellow-orange or white flowers in early summer to early autumn. There are many garden varieties, including dwarf forms.

Potentilla nepalensis: Hardy perennial, 40-60 cm tall; cherry-red to carmine-red flowers from mid summer to early autumn. ‘Miss Willmott’ is vermilion red.

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