Pulmonaria- Lung-wort

Hardy perennials, some partially evergreen; unusual blotched foliage.


Good ground-cover for shady places.

Valuable because of its early flowering season.


The soil must contain plenty of humus and be reasonably damp.


By division in spring.

Pulmonaria angustifolia: Height 20-30 cm; initially red, later violet-blue flowers in early to mid spring. Oblong to spear-shaped leaves, dark green all over, covered in rough hairs.

Pulmonaria officinalis: Height 25-45 cm, bright-pink flowers in mid to late spring; they subsequently turn bright lilac-blue. The heart-shaped leaves are blotched. Pulmonaria saccharata: Height 30-60 cm; red flowers in mid to late spring, later turning violet. In this species the grey-green leaves are clearly blotched.

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