PULSATILLA Pasque Flower

The Pasque Flower is one of the gems of the rockery. In spring the flower stems push up through the earth, each one crowned by a silky bud. The buds open into cup-shaped and later star-shaped flowers -each measuring about 3 in. across. The flowers are followed by the emergence of the ferny foliage and the attractive silky seed-heads. It is an easy plant togrow if the site issunny-the secret of success is to plant Pulsatilla very firmly.

VARIETIES: P. vulgaris (Anemone Pulsatilla) is the Pasque Flower which grows wild in Europe. The basic details are height 9 in., spread 1 ft.

Flowering period: April – May. The flower colour is pale purple but you can buy varieties in other colours. If you want a similar-sized Pasque Flower which produces large white blooms, then buy P. alpina. Another white species is the diminutive P. vernalis (height and spread 6 in.).

SITE AND SOIL: Any well-drained sunny site will do – P. vulgaris and P. vernalis need lime.

PROPAGATION: Sow seeds under glass in summer.

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