PUNICA GRANATUM ‘NANA’ (dwarf pomegranate)

The miniature pomegranate is a charming little pot plant for a bright window-sill. and is very easy to grow from seed sown in early March. Flowering and fruiting should take place the same year. It forms a neat, shrubby little bush and. in pots, usually grows to only 45cm (lift) in height. The foliage is tiny and slightly glossy, but the flowers are large and brilliantly showy in bright scarlet. The petals are thin and papery and often slightly crinkled, and the blooms are followed by tiny fruits, just like miniature pomegranates.

The type species from South-eastern Europe is deciduous, but the dwarf form seems to be semi-deciduous: with congenial winter warmth the leaves may be largely retained. In cooler conditions. they may be entirely shed, but this does not matter much since they grow quickly again in spring. When new leaves are forming it is a good time to prune the plants to any shape you want. Good specimens can be kept in 1 3-15 cm (5-6in) pots for several years. Any good potting compost can be used, but a bright position must be found for best results and to ensure the development of the little fruits. The fruit of this house-plant is not edible.

During summer, water well, but be careful not to saturate the compost. In winter, regulate watering according to the prevailing temperature. If it is cool enough to cause leaf fall, keep the plants on the dry side. Otherwise, maintain only very slightly moist conditions. Pest and disease problems are usually uncommon.

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