Pyracantha- Fire thorn

Evergreen shrub with bright-orange berries, often planted to cover walls.


The firethorn may also be used as a freestanding shrub, but it will then grow very broad. At one time it was very much subject to scab, but there are now a number of strains which are resistant to the disease . Make sure that the shrubs you buy belong to this category.


When they are to be planted against walls the soil must first be improved. Propagation From summer or winter cuttings.

Pyracantha coccinea: Height 2-3 m; white flowers in late spring or early summer, followed by orange or yellow berries. Spiny branches, dark-green leathery foliage. The following are reliable strains: ‘Golden Charmer’, orange-yellow berries; ‘Orange Charmer’, deep-orange berries; ‘Orange Glow’, orange berries, and ‘Watereri’, small bright-red berries.

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