Quercus- Oak

Deciduous as well as evergreen trees, most of them too large for the average garden. We shall only mention some of the smaller types.


As individual trees for their fine autumn colouring.


Any not too dry soil.


From seed or by grafting.

Quercus ilex, holm oak: Height in this country to 5 m, a shrub; the evergreen foliage resembles that of the holly.

Quercus ilicifolia: Height to 4 m, a shrub; the twigs are covered in grey down, matt-green leaves, felty on reverse.

Quercus lihani: Height 4-8 m; a tree with a fairly narrow crown. The leaves are clearly serrated.

Quercus pontica: Height to 6 m, small tree or shrub; oval, saw-toothed leaves. Fine autumn colouring.

Quercus X turneri: Height to 6 m, a tree with a dense, oval-shaped crown. Leathery leaves, lobed; the foliage is partially retained in winter.

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