Raoulia is a true carpeting plant with a pile which does not exceed 0.5 in. when in full flower. The tiny leaves and tiny blooms hug the surface over which the living mat has spread – a very effective cover for ground in which dwarf bulbs have been planted. Unfortunately this New Zealand plant is never fully at home in our climate. Casualties occur in very hard winters and a pane of glass should be placed over the plant from autumn until spring to keep off the rain.

VARIETIES: The best-known variety is R. australis – height 1.5 in., spread 1 ft.

Flowering period: May. It is grown mainly for its silvery foliage – the minute pale yellow flowers are of little decorative value. There is a Raoulia which turns into a bright yellow carpet between April and June. This is R. lutescens – height 0.5 in., spread 1 ft. From spring until early summer the flower-heads open and cover the mossy grey-green leaves.

SITE AND SOIL: A well-drained, light soil in full sun is required. PROPAGATION: Divide the mats in autumn.

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