All species in this genus are well worth growing, for they are easily cultivated and have lovely flowers, freely produced, which make them popular cacti and in great demand. Being small, they are very useful for bowl gardens.

Rebutia minuscula. Argentina. Flowers in the spring with brilliant crimson funnel-shaped flowers, which are quite large in comparison with the plant itself. The stem has 16 to 20 ribs, with very short whitish spines arranged in groups of 25 to 30. The flowers appear from the base of the plant, curving gracefully upwards. It grows well in either half shade or full sunshine.

Rebutia Fiebrigii. Bolivia. A white spiny globe with far more spines than R. minuscula, but its flowers, though very similar, are somewhat smaller.

Rebutia deminuta. Argentina. Has 11 to 13 ribs. The spines number 10 to 12, and are sometimes white tipped with brown, or entirely brown. Flowers, orange-red with pink stamens. Of easy cultivation and very popular because it flowers freely.

Rebutia aureiflora. Argentina. This plant has beautiful golden-yellow or orange-yellow flowers.

Rebutia salmonea. Argentina. Flowers, salmon-pink and free flowering.

Rebutia spinosissima. Argentina. Numerous golden-brown spines and red flowers.

Rebutia pseudominuscula. Argentina. Very like R. minuscula but the flowers are a clearer red.

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