Rebutia senilis

This cactus is from northern Argentina. Like most Rebutias, it has a flattened, spherical stem with tubercles arranged in a spiral. The delicate, intertwined spines, numbering about 25, are up to 3 cm (1 inch) long. The flowers grow from the lower part of the stem and are 3.5 cm (1.5 in) across, quite large in relation to the small size of the plant. They are coloured carmine-red to yellow-red. They last several days, closing in the evening, but opening again in the morning. The tube is narrow and covered with several delicate, scale-like bracts.

It is a very undemanding plant and numerous lovely flowers >-¦ are often produced twice a year – in spring, and a second time in autumn. Because it is naturally a plant of the mountains, it easily tolerates great differences between daytime and nighttime temperatures, and between summer and winter temperatures. For good growth, water liberally and provide adequate ventilation. Propagate from seed or by detaching new young plantlets. Because it produces numerous offshoots, new specimens may be obtained in a relatively short time.

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