REINWARDTIA TRIGYNA (syn. R. indica) (yellow flax plant)

13 deg C/55 deg F

This species is sometimes named R. indica. and at other times Liinnn trigy-num. It is from Northern India and is notable for its lovely bright-yellow flowers, freely produced during winter. To do this it requires the recommended minimum temperature. The foliage is spear-shaped and when grown to full size the plants may reach about 60cm (2ft). forming an impressive plant. As young plants, they can be grown in 13 cm (5 in.) pots for at least a year, and potted as required. To encourage good winter flowering, it is wise to stand the plants outdoors in a sunny position during the summer. During this time it is imperative not to neglect watering, and it is best to plunge the pots, so that the soil is well covered with moist peat. This plant is quite happy with any good potting compost. During winter, a good circulation of air around the plants is beneficial, but not draughts that may be chilly. Watering should be free from spring to autumn, but sparing the rest of the year.

Re in ward tin trigyna.

During summer, the foliage can be sprayed with water from time to time. but not during periods of sunshine when the plants are standing outside. After flowering, the plants can be cut back and potted as soon as new shoots appear. However, old plants tend to deteriorate, and if possible new stock should be raised each year from cuttings taken in spring. These root easily on a window-sill, especially in a light position. Red spider mite is the most troublesome pest likely to attack during summer, more especially if conditions are too hot and dry.

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