Renovation of Neglected Lawns

The first thing to do in taking over a neglected lawn is to scythe down the rank growth, when the state of the turf can be clearly seen. If weeds seriously predominate and most of the grasses are of a coarse type, it might be better to seed or re-turf the whole area, or at least the worst patches; but if even a small proportion of better types is present, good treatment will eventually produce a reasonable lawn.

The royal road to recovery is cutting and systematic fertiliser treatment. Constant cutting gives the finer grasses a chance to develop and represses the coarser species, but it must be accompanied by fertiliser treatment to enable the good grasses to grow fast enough to keep down the weeds. After the first scything, remove any moss or straggling growth, and scythe this off. Do not be afraid of injuring the turf; it will be all the better for rough treatment. Then give a good dressing of complete fertiliser, and, when the coarse grasses are about 3 — 4 in. high, again use the scythe. Thereafter cutting and manuring should proceed along the normal lines, never again allowing the coarser grasses to get ahead. After the second cut when the ground is becoming clean, introduce some of the finer grasses like the bents and fescues by giving a light seeding.

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