Rhododendron ‘Cilpinense’

Of all evergreen flowering shrubs, the dwarf rhododendrons are among the most rewarding for the town garden or terrace. This doll’s-house rhododendron makes a perfect rounded bush no more than 3 feet (90 cm) high. A hybrid of Himalayan and Chinese parentage, it is evergreen and flowers earlier than most rhododendrons, in mid-spring. The bell-shaped flowers are very profuse, growing in clusters of from three to five blooms, rosy red in bud, and white flushed with pink when open. The leaves are small and glossy. This rhododendron’s qualities have won it all of the Royal Horticultural Society’s top awards.

The plant is quite hardy, but on nights when frost threatens the flowers should be protected with netting or a cloth. Grow it in a peaty compost.

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