Rhododendron luteurn

One of the best-loved and most widely grown of the whole genus of rho-dodendrons, R. luteum, formerly known as Azalea pontica, is a superlative shrub with many trusses of yellow funnel-shaped flowers and an incomparable scent. A native of the Caucasus, it is deciduous, vigorous, growing usually to about 8 feet (2.-4 m) high and 5 to 6 feet (1.5 to 1.8 m) wide, and prodigal of flowers in late spring. As if this were not enough, it provides a blaze of autumn colour when the leaves turn crimson. Purple and orange before they fall. It is the parent of a number of fine hybrids, many of which have been bred in the United States. It is an adaptable plant and one of the easiest rhododendrons to grow, tolerating full sun if need be, and often producing self-sown seedlings. Rhododendron luteum is a lovely plant to grow in masses in open of R. luteum and other azaleas is planted with blue and white forms of the autumn-flowering willow gentian, Gentiana ascle-piadea. Lilies bloom among the shrubs in mid-summer.woodland, together with some of its hybrids, when the scent will carry far and wide, but a single plant in a town garden will give great pleasure, protected from north and east winds by the house. These rhododendrons look particularly charming with blue flowers planted round about, one species, such as bluebells, to coincide with the flowers in spring, and another with the bright leaves in autumn.

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