This is a genus of tufted succulent plants with fleshy roots. The leaves are united at the base, and are not unlike the leaves of the Faucaria. They are keeled above, the lower side being drawn forward like a chin, and have rather distinct white edges, with 1 or 2 short teeth. The surface is smooth and green with whitish dots. From 3 to 7 golden-yellow flowers grow on a stalk. Three species are recognized, all of which are easy growing and free flowering. The growing period is from Tune to November and they require a sunny position. Even in the growing period watering should not be too frequent.

Rhombophyllum rhomboideum. A popular plant in collections, stemless and forming clumps. The leaf rosettes lie close to the ground with 8 to 10 leaves. Flowers, golden-yellow, reddish outside.

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