Rhus- Sumach

Small, deciduous trees, attractive because of their unusual foliage and pink fruits.


Fine individual trees for fairly small gardens; the autumn colouring of the common species is very beautiful. If possible place in full sun.


Not fussy as to soil; it may even be quite dry.


Very easily increased from rooted runners after the leaves have dropped. Excess runners should always be removed.

Rhus glabra: Height about 3 m, bare branches, composite foliage. The female plant produces pink fruits which are retained in winter. ‘Laciniata’ is a form with deeply incised leaves.

Rhus typhina, staghorn sumach: Height to 5 m; resembles the previous species, but the branches are covered in soft down. Fine autumn colouring. The form with incised leaves is called ‘Dissecta’.

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