Ribes- Currant

Deciduous shrubs; the best known species flowers magni-ficently in spring.


The shrubs require a certain amount of shade; they are very striking when in flower and are suitable for small gardens. Attractive in combination with honesty.


Undemanding as regards soil.


Very easy, from cuttings in winter.

Ribes alpinum, alpine currant: Height to 2 m; insignificant, yellow-green flowers in mid to late spring; the deeply incised leaves appear very early in the year. Provides ground-cover; tolerates deep shade. Ribes sanguineum: Height to 2 m; purple-red flowers in hanging clusters in mid to late spring; circular, lobed leaves, white and felty underneath. Fine red cultivars are ‘King Edward VIE, ‘Pulborough Scarlet’ and ‘Splendens’. ‘Carneum’ is rose red; ‘Plenum’ has double red flowers; ‘Brocklebankii’ has yellow foliage and red flowers.

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