FLOWERING SHRUB. The genus Ribes includes the red and white currants derived from Ribes sativum, the black currant from R. nigrum and the gooseberry from R. grossularia. The flowering currants are mosdy very easy to grow, succeeding on almost any soil and in sun or shade. Ribes sanguineum (American currant) is the best known, growing to about 6 ft., with rosy-red, mildly fragrant flowers from late March into April. R. s. carneum is a flesh-pink form and Pulborough Scarlet a very rich red. R. aureum is the golden currant with bright yellow, clove-scented flowers followed by large black fruits, the leaves colouring well in autumn. R. speciosum is the fuchsia-flowered gooseberry with small, scarlet flowers. It starts into growth early in the year and is best planted against a wall, when the foliage is less liable to frost injury, the plant then flowering more freely than in the open. All the above are increased by cuttings of ripe wood in October — about 9 in. long.

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