Robinia- Acacia

Deciduous trees with composite leaves. The branches break off very easily.


As trees in sheltered positions; also as shrubs, and possibly for pleaching.


Any standard garden soil.


From seed, by layering, or by grafting.

Robinia hispida, rose acacia: Height 1.5 m; twigs without spines; large rose-red flowers in early summer; very attractive.

Robinia kelseyi: Height to 3 m; 6 cm long clusters of carmine-red flowers in early summer; beautiful. Robinia pseudoacacia, false acacia: Height to 25 m; spiny bare branches. White or pink flowers in early summer, but much less conspicuous than the previous species. The finest cultivars are ‘Frisia’, to 6 m, yellow foliage and red thorns; ‘Tortuosa’, to 3 m, freakishly tortuous branches: ‘Umbraculifera’, height to 7 m, spherical, densely branching crown.

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