Rock Cinquefoil POTENTILLA

These Rock Cinquefoils are generally mat-forming plants which produce a succession of blooms over a long period. These blooms are cup-shaped and often look like tiny single Rose flowers.

VARIETIES: P. nitida is the popular one – height 3 in., spread 1 ft.

Flowering period: July-September. The silvery leaves and pale pink flowers are attractive, but it is not a free-flowering plant. Choose the deep pink variety ‘Rubra’. Another mat-forming species is P. alba – a glossy-leaved plant with large white flowers. For yellow blooms grow P. verna nana. For a non-carpeting type pick P. alpestrls (P. crantzii) – height 6 in., spread 9 in., flowers orange-centred yellow, July-September.

SITE AND SOIL: Any garden soil – thrives best in full sun.

PROPAGATION: Sow seeds under glass in spring or divide clumps in autumn.

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