Rodgersia: Growing Guide

Hardy perennials, at first sight like shrubs; slow-growing.


Fine plants for shady spots; the foliage is very decorative. Rodgersia requires a cool position, for instance near water.


The soil must contain plenty of humus and must not be too damp.


By division in spring, or from seed.

Rodgersia aesculifolia: Height to 150 cm; white flowers in 60 cm tall plumes in early to mid summer. The leaves are brown green and resemble chestnut leaves .

Rodgersia pinnata: Like the previous species, but of the 5- 9 leaflets the centre one is always long-stalked, while the others are sessile.

Rodgersia sambucifolia: Here the leaves are spear-shaped, as in the elder. Fairly small flower plumes.

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