Rosa hybrid tea – large-flowered bush roses

Height: 60-150cm (2-5ft)

Features: flowers summer to autumn

Soil: fertile, well-drained

Site: sun or partial shade 60-150cm (2-5ft).

They are ideal for growing in conventional rose beds or mixed borders.

The classical modern rose, with its concentric petal formation and perfect reflex petals, is epitomized by the hybrid tea bush rose.

Originally developed from a cross between hybrid pcrpetuals and tea roses, they produce perfectly formed, medium to large blooms from early summer to late autumn in a wide spectrum of colours, although blue is still an elusive fantasy.

Generally produced singly, some varieties have small clusters which have to be thinned down (disbudded) to encourage large blooms.

Hybrid tea roses have a vigorous, bushy habit and vary in height from Some of the bushier cultivars make good standards (tree roses). The larger, well-formed blooms are popular for exhibiting, and the long-stemmed varieties are used extensively as cut flowers.

Popular varieties:

Below is a list of some of the most popular and readily available hybrid tea roses.

‘Alec’s Red’ is one of the best cherry-red hybrid teas available. Its flowers are richly fragrant and are suitable for garden decoration, cutting and exhibiting. They are also fairly resistant to rain damage. It has vigorous, upright growth and reaches 90cm (3ft).

‘Alexander’ has brilliant orange-vermilion blooms with a slight fragrance. Growing to 1.5m (5ft), it is best grown in a large bed or as a ‘Alec’s Red’ hedge. It is resistant to both rain and disease. Its long stems make it good for cutting.

‘Alpine Sunset’ has strongly fragrant, peach-pink flowers flushed with yellow. Growth is vigorous and upright, reaching 75cm (2.5 ft). It is suitable for cutting, exhibiting, or growing in rose beds.

‘Blessings’, probably the finest pink bedding rose, has profuse coral-pink flowers from early summer until mid autumn. The flowers have only a gentle fragrance but are resistant to rain damage and disease. It has vigorous, upright growth and reaches 90cm (3ft).

‘Cheshire Life’ has a profusion of slightly fragrant, vermilionorange flowers. A good bedding or hedging rose, it is renowned for its strong resistance to rain damage and disease. The growth is vigorous and upright, reaching 75cm (2.5 ft).

‘Congratulations’ has perfectly formed, lightly scented, double, rose-pink blooms. It is very free flowering and vigorous, reaching up to 1.5m (5ft) high. Grow it at the back of a border. With its long stems, it is excellent for cutting.

‘Dawn Chorus’ has medium-sized, double, deep orange blooms. It is very free flowering and healthy, with deep bronze foliage. It reaches 75cm (2”2ft).

‘Deep Secret’, probably the darkest red rose popular in the garden today, has medium-sized, deep crimson blooms. The scented flowers are produced singlv on an upright bush, 90cm (3ft) tall, with dark green foliage.

‘Double Delight’ has unusual ivory flowers edged with cherry-red. Their fragrance is strong and, although they have only moderate resistance to disease and rain, they are shapely ‘Blessings’ enough for exhibiting. It has vigorous, upright growth, with a height of 75cm (2%ft), ‘Dutch Gold’ has large, well-shaped, yellow blooms which keep their colour with age. These are strongly fragrant, freely produced and excellent for exhibiting. It is a vigorous, upright bush, reaching 90cm (3ft).

‘Elina’ (formerly ‘Peaudouce’), probably the finest hybrid tea to be introduced in recent years, has large, pale primrose-yellow blooms. These are well formed with a pleasant fragrance. The growth is vigorous and bushy, and it reaches 90cm (3ft) high. Grow it as a bedding rose, for cutting and for exhibiting.

‘Elizabeth Harkness’ has large, fragrant, cream-white flowers tinged with pink. These appear early in the season and are good for cutting. It has an upright, bushy habit and reaches 90cm (3ft). Rain damage can be a problem.

‘Elizabeth Harkness’ ‘Ernest H. Morse’ has a profusion of well-shaped, fragrant, rich red flowers which stand up well to rain, making it an ideal bedding rose. It is also good for cutting and exhibiting. It has vigorous, upright growth and reaches up to 90cm (3ft).

‘Fragrant Cloud’ has large, shapely flowers which are red in bud, open to coral-salmon and then fade with age. The flowers have a particularly strong fragrance and appear in profusion in early summer. It has vigorous, bushy growth and reaches up to 90cm (3ft) high. Mildew and black spot can be a problem.

‘Freedom’ has medium-sized blooms in a rich, clear yellow. It is probably the best variety in this colour. The abundant, glossy, green foliage supports a robust plant, 75cm tall.

‘Grandpa Dickson’ has an abundance of large, well-formed, lemon-yellow blooms that become pinkedged with age. The vigorous, upright growth reaches 75cm. Grow as a bedding rose. It has good resistance to rain.

Tngrid Bergman’ has large, double, dark red blooms. This is a good bedding variety with robust, very dark green, leathery foliage and even growth, up to 75cm high.

‘Fragrant Cloud’ ‘Just Joey’ has attractive, coppery-veined red buds, followed by flowers which fade to copperorange. The slightly ruffled petals make it an excellent rose for cutting. Free flowering and rain resistant, it is also a good bedding variety. The bushy, only moderately vigorous growth reaches 75cm (2.5 ft) high.

‘Keepsake’ has very large, deep pink blooms that are produced singly and in clusters. It has vigorous growth and reaches 90cm (3ft) high. It is a good bedding variety and is also popular for exhibiting.

‘Lovers’ Meeting’ has slightly fragrant, vivid tangerineorange blooms. Growth is vigorous and upright, and reaches up to 75cm (2 1/2ft). Grown as a bedding rose, this variety is good for cutting.

‘Loving Memory’ is very free flowering, with large, lightly scented, classically shaped, dark red blooms. It is a vigorous bush, reaching up to lm (3 1/2ft) tall, with luxuriant, deep green foliage.

‘Tequila Sunrise’ ‘Mischief has well-shaped, coral-salmon blooms which are fragrant and freely produced. It is a bushy variety, reaching 90cm (3ft) high. It is rain resistant and makes an excellent bedding rose, although it should not be grown in gardens with a rust problem.

‘National Trust’ has a profusion of perfectly shaped, dark crimson flowers. It has a vigorous, upright habit and reaches 75cm. With no fragrance and only medium-sized flowers, it is best grown in a rose bed. It has good resistance to disease.

‘Pascali’ produces a mass of faintly scented, white flowers. These last well in water and are carried on long, upright stems, making them good for cutting. It has vigorous, upright growth and reaches 90cm (3ft).

‘Paul Shirville’ has elegant, sweetly scented blooms with light salmon-pink petals shaded yellow at the base. It has a spreading habit and reaches 90cm (3ft) high. Grow as a bedding rose and for cutting.

‘Peace’, often regarded as the world’s ‘Just Joey’ favourite rose, has pale yellow blooms edged with cerise-pink. These are large, but only slightly-fragrant. Being vigorous and bushy, and reaching 1.4m high, it should be given plenty of space.

‘Piccadilly’, an old favourite, is still the best bi-colour, with scarlet flowers, yellow on the reverse. These appear early and in great profusion, making it an excellent bedding variety. The flowers have only a slight fragrance but good resistance to disease. It has vigorous, upright growth and reaches 75cm.

‘Polar Star’ has moderately scented, cream-white flowers on long stems -perfect for cutting and exhibiting. It has vigorous, branching growth and reaches up to 1m high.

‘Precious Platinum’ produces handsome, glowing, rich red flowers with a sweet but slight fragrance. These are borne in an abundance of small clusters. It has a vigorous, branching habit and reaches 90cm (3ft) high. Usually grown as a bedding rose, it has ‘Grandpa Dickson’ good resistance to disease.

‘Prima Ballerina’ is a popular rose, with very fragrant, double, cherry-pink blooms set against light green foliage. It has vigorous, upright growth and reaches up to lm (3 1/2ft). It is susceptible to mildew.

‘Remember Me’ has lightly scented, medium-sized flowers. The richly coloured, deep copper blooms are complemented by beautiful, deep green foliage. It has a robust habit and reaches 90cm (3ft) tall.

Rose Gaujard’ has pink flowers with carmine veins and a silvery reverse. It is free flowering but has only a slight fragrance. With a branching habit, it makes a good bedding rose, with a height of up to 90cm (3ft). Its advantages are resistance to disease, hardiness, and tolerance of poor growing conditions.

‘Royal William’ is the healthiest dark red, scented rose in the garden today. It is a tough plant, with dark green foliage, reaching 90cm (3ft) high.

‘Ruby Wedding’ has slightly fragrant, double, rich ruby red blooms borne on stiff, upright stems. It has vigorous, bushy growth and reaches up to 75cm high.

‘National Trust’ ‘Silver Jubilee” Peace’ ‘Savoy Hotel’ lias large, perfectly formed, pure light pink flowers. A robust plant, up to 60cm (2ft) tall, it has large, dark green foliage. It is good for bedding and exhibiting.

‘Silver Jubilee’ has an abundance of perfectly formed, lightly scented, coral-pink blooms which keep their colour well. Grow as a bedding rose for its good resistance to disease and vigorous, bushy growth, up to 75cm high.

‘Simba’ is a compact bush with a profusion of large, clear yellow blooms set against glossy, mid-green foliage. It reaches up to 60cm (2ft) high and makes a good bedding rose.

‘Tequila Sunrise’ has large, yellow blooms edged with scarlet, set against dark, glossy leaves. It grows up to 75cm high. Troika’ has orange-bronze blooms shaded red on the outside. These are large and fragrant, and maintain their colour. It has vigorous, upright growth and reaches 90cm (3ft). Cirow as a bedding rose, for cutting and for exhibiting. It has good resistance to rain.

‘Valencia’ has strongly scented, enormous, pure apricot blooms, making it popular in the garden and for exhibiting. It is healthy and free flowering and reaches 90cm (3ft) high.

‘Pascali’ ‘Whisky Mac’ has attractive, amber-yellow blooms with a strong fragrance, set against bronze-green foliage. Despite its susceptibility to disease and its tendency to die back, it is one of the most popular hybrid teas for flower arranging. It has vigorous growth and reaches 75cm high.


Plant bare-rooted hybrid teas between late autumn and mid spring, and container-grown bushes at any time of year, during mild, dry weather.

Set the bushes 60cm (2ft) apart in well-drained soil enriched with bonemeal and well-rotted manure or compost. Choose a sunny or partially shaded site, sheltered from the prevailing winds but away from high trees or walls.

In spring, prune newly planted bushes, cutting down the stems to just 10cm (4in) off the ground above an outward-facing bud.

On established roses, remove dead or diseased stems and those that cross, and reduce the remaining wood by twothirds. Disbudding is also important if the bushes are to produce very large flowers. Remove lateral flowering buds situated immediately below the principal ‘Troika’ bud at an early stage of growth.

Mulch immediately after spring pruning to retain moisture in the soil around the bushes, and feed occasionally with a rose fertilizer from mid spring to mid summer.

Deadhead regularly to encourage a long flowering season.

Propagation: This is best left to the nurseryman.

Pests and diseases: Hybrid teas are susceptible to the same diseases as other roses. Look out for black spot on the leaves, and mildew on leaves, stems and flowerstalks. Rust can also be a problem. In summer, greenfly may infest bushes.


There are a number of hybrid tea roses that also grow well as standards (tree roses): ‘Blessings’ ‘Dawn Chorus’ ‘Elina’ ‘Fragrant Cloud’ ‘Freedom’ ‘Keepsake’ ‘Loving Memory ‘Paul Shirville’ ‘Peace’ ‘Royal William’ ‘Silver Jubilee’ ‘Tequila Sunrise’ coral-pink deep orange pale primrose-yellow coral-salmon rich yellow deep pink dark red light salmon-pink pinkedged pale yellow dark red coral-pink scarletedged yellow ‘Congratulations’

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