Rosa ‘Nevada’

One of the most spectacular of modern shrub roses, ‘Nevada’ makes an arching bush up to 7 feet (2.1 m) tall and as much in width, It flowers for two months from early summer, when every branch is massed with large white single flowers with yellow stamens, the white petals faintly tinged with pink. The summer display being prodigal and prolonged. There is not much of a repeat flowering, though there are occasional new blooms in early autumn. ‘Nevada’ needs a place at the back of a wide bed and looks best with striking groups of herbaceous plants in front. I have seen it as a background to clumps of red and orange flowers – Chinese peonies and oriental poppies (which coincide with the first weeks of ‘Nevada’), followed by Geranium psilostemon, Lychnis cholcedonica and day lilies. In the foreground of this planting there was a group of Allium albopilosum, with large globular heads of metallic purplish starry flowers in mid-summer. This is a complicated planting in a large, well-tended garden; it would be simpler to use ‘Nevada’ as a backdrop for blue bearded irises.

Like most shrub roses, ‘Nevada’ needs little pruning, but plenty of good food.

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