Rosa ‘The New Dawn’

This is my favourite rambler, delightful in colour, scent and behaviour. A sport of the well-loved, shell-pink double rose ‘Dr Van Fleet’, The New Dawn’ resembles her parent in every way but one, where she surpasses him. Instead of flowering once only in a glorious burst, The New Dawn’ flowers continuously after the first mid-summer flush well into the autumn. It is sweetly scented and has beautiful leaves, small, glossy, and blessedly free from mildew. It will grow to at least 12 feet (3.6 m) on a wall or tree, and is fully hardy. Another virtue is that when the flowers fade, the petals fall gently to the ground so that the plant is always fresh, whereas some ramblers, like ‘Albertine’, cling to their dead flowers and look brown and dusty when their brief season of glory is past.

The New Dawn’ makes a perfect companion for a clematis twining among the branches, and the old favourite, C x jackmanii ‘Superba’, with velvety, dark purple sepals, makes exciting stabs of colour against the gentle pink of the rose.

Prune the rose tactfully in autumn, cutting out some of the older branches and tying in new shoots, and cut back the clematis in early spring. Give both plants a good mulch of compost or manure in winter, and make sure that the roots of the clematis are shaded in summer either by the rose itself, or with tiles or stones.

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