One Dozen Hybrid Teas for Beginners:

The following are all really vigorous growers, free-flowering and should succeed in any part of the country. Fuller descriptions will be found under RECOMMENDED ROSES .

Eden Rose: deep pink.

Ena Harkness: crimson-scarlet.

Ethel Sanday: yellow and apricot.

Grand’mire Jenny: pink and yellow.

Margaret: bright pink.

McGredy’s Yellow: buttercup-yellow.

Peace: deep yellow and pink.

Perfecta: cream with pink flushes.

Picture: rose-pink.

Spek’s Yellow: deep yellow.

Sutter’s Gold: yellow with pink flushes.

Tzigane: red and yellow.

One Dozen Floribundas for Beginners:

All are really vigorous, very free-flowering and extra hardy. See RECOMMENDED ROSES for fuller descriptions. Dainty Maid: carmine and pink. Elsinore: brilliant scarlet. Firecracker: cherry-red. Frensham: crimson-scarlet. Jiminy Cricket: coppery-salmon. Korona: orange-scarlet. Magenta: deep mauve. Masquerade: yellow, pink and red. Red Favourite: dark crimson. Spartan: salmon-orange. United Nations: pink and gold. Yellowhammer: deep yellow. .The clear pink grandiflora Queen Elizabeth must be added, but note that it is taller than the average floribunda, to at least 4 ft.

Shrub Roses. The renewed interest among connoisseurs in the free-growing shrub-type roses should stimulate beginners to try a few. The majority succeed in any soil, although for best results deep cultivation before planting is advisable. Work in plenty of compost, bonemeal, well-rotted farmyard manure and similar humus-forming materials. Generally speaking, very little pruning is required. Here are half a dozen of the finest — the continuous-flowering Mme Pierre Oger, a creamy blush Bourbon with curved petals and a strong fragrance, height about 5 ft.; Rosa Moyesii, probably the best known of all the species or wild roses, which grows to about 12 ft. with single dusky-crimson flowers 2 ½ m- across, followed by scarlet flagon-shaped fruits; the white Damask variety Mme Hardy, which has full cupped flowers in midsummer, height about 6 ft.; the maroon-purple Gallica Cardinal de Richelieu which flowers in June reaching about 4 ft.; the bright yellow Rosa hugonis which blooms in May with distinct fern-like leaves, height about 6 ft.; the modern hybrid spinosissima Fruhlingsmorgen which has single warm cherry-pink flowers with maroon stamens. It blooms in late May and June with occasional flowers later in the season. The most vivid of all the shrub roses (unfortunately difficult to grow well) is the Austrian Copper (Rosa foetida bicolor). It is probably not excelled in brilliancy of colouring by any rose, new or old. The bright copper-red single flowers with buff reverse and yellow stamens come on dark brown stems with small, reddish, extra sharp thorns. Difficult to propagate (especially from cuttings) and often dies back after a few years for no apparent reason. Prefers pure country air, but is unfortunately very liable to black spot. Austrian Yellow is a pure yellow counterpart.

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