Rosmarinus officinalis

The common rosemary is fully hardy in a sheltered place, a dense evergreen shrub from the Mediterranean with narrow, highly aromatic leaves which are glossy green above, white-felted below, and has light blue labiate flowers in late spring. Rosemary likes full sun and a well-drained, gritty compost. It is such an excellent culinary plant, especially with roast lamb, that the temptation must be resisted to pick it to death. It has for long held a place in the folklore of plants as a symbol of remembrance.

There are varieties with flowers in other shades of blue, and also in pink.

They are not so hardy, but ‘Benenden Blue’ is worth risking, a plant with very bright blue flowers introduced from Corsica by Captain Collmgwood Ingram, or ‘Cherry’ Ingram, the celebrated collector of ornamental cherries.

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