FLOWERING SHRUB. This genus contains the blackberry or bramble and the raspberry. Other species are sometimes grown in gardens, although several are inclined to straggle. Propagation may be effected by ‘tip’ layering— as with blackberries, — rooted suckers or division. Rub us deliciosus (Rocky Mountain bramble) is the most beautiful species with large white flowers resembling single roses in May. It makes a wide spreading plant, is thornless and grows to about 8 ft. Good loamy soil suits this rubus which is harder to propagate than other species, hence its somewhat higher price in catalogues. Rubus odoratus is an erect grower to about 7 ft., with fragrant, purplish-rose flowers in early summer. It is valuable for shady places under large trees. R. ulmifolius bellidiforus has double rose-pink flowers and is also useful for shady areas. It has a spreading habit. R. spectabilis reaches 4 — 5 ft. with fragrant, rose-coloured, nodding flowers in June. The warm brown stems and orange fruits (inedible) are noteworthy. A good ground cover plant, also flourishing under trees.

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