Rudbeckia- Cone flower

Hardy perennials with striking, usually yellow flowers.

There are annual species as well.


Suitable for borders; the plants are reliable and easy to grow. Also excellent for cutting.


Any fairly damp garden soil is suitable.


By division in spring.

Rudbeckia fulgida: Height 40-60 cm; flowering season mid summer to mid autumn; the ray florets being yellow or orange yellow, the disc black. Two varieties are known: var speciosa and var sullivantii . The latter is downy. Rudbeckia laciniata: Height to 3 m; flowering season late summer to mid autumn; large yellow flowers, single or double. Develops enormous clumps. Rudbeckia nitida: Height 100-120 cm; slightly drooping yellow flowers from mid summer to early autumn; the petals are strongly reflexed.

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