P. The African violet has achieved tremendous popularity in this country in recent years, both as a plant for living rooms and offices. In the U. S. A. there are societies specially devoted to this flower which docs very well in centrally-heated rooms. Saintpaulia ionantha has large violet-coloured flowers with prominent yellow stamens and woolly, grey-green leaves with grey reverse. There are other colours including various shades of purple, pink and white but none is more beautiful than the original species. Saintpaulias will bloom for about 9 months if treated correctly. When growing indoors give plenty of light and an even temperature of 6o° F., otherwise flowering will be spasmodic. Stand the pot in water and never allow the roots to dry out. When the plant is ‘resting’ keep fairly dry. Grow in John Innes Potting Compost. Increase by leaf cuttings taken with about 1 in. of stalk. They can be rooted in sandy peat. Saintpaulias may also be divided in spring or seed sown in early March (temperature 6o° F.).

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