Eye-catching is the word. The velvety, funnel-shaped flowers are prominently veined – yellow on red, red on yellow, gold on purple, etc, which makes them one of the most exotic of all annuals. Pinch out the tips of young plants to promote bushiness and support with twigs. Salpiglossis is rather tender – do not grow on an exposed site and a warm summer is necessary for it to show its full glory.

VARIETIES: S. sinuata is the garden species and the popular modern hybrid is ‘Splash’. The bushy 1.5 ft plants bear a host of flowers in brilliant colours – ‘Bolero’ is a rather similar mixture. For the tallest plant and the largest flowers (2 in. across), grow ‘Grandiflora’. The upright, non-branching variety is ‘Monarch’.

SITE AND SOIL: Any well-drained garden soil will do – choose a sunny and sheltered spot.

PLANT DETAILS: Height 1.5-2.5 ft.

Spacing: 1 ft.

Flowering period: July-September

PROPAGATION: Follow the Half Hardy Annual technique . Plant out when the danger of frost is past.

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