P. A choice rock plant which demands a light, cool, rich soil, preferably lime-free. The double-flowered form is the one usually offered in catalogues (Sanguinaria canadensis Flore plcno). The pure white, poppy-like flowers are borne on 6 in. stems in April just before the leaves appear. These are heart-shaped, and greyish-blue with red tinges. Established plants should be left undisturbed as long as possible, but if fresh stock is required divide the roots in March.

SANGUISORBA, BURNET or BOTTLE BRUSH A most attractive and distinct border plant which should be grown more widely as it only requires a sunny position and soil which does not dry out too quickly. If on the dry side, work in plenty of peat and leaf mould before planting. Sanguisorba obtusa, sometimes catalogued as Poterium obtusum, grows to about 2 ½ ft. (rather taller on moist soils). It bears bright pink flowers suggesting a bottle brush from July to September. The white form is good but hard to come by. Increase by division in autumn.

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