Sansevieria Mother-in-law’s Tongue; 10°C/50°F; West Africa

The erect sword-like leaves, dark green with mottled grey transverse bands of S. trifasciata, grow to 30-45cm/12-18in and make this species a popular feature of indoor plant gardens. The variety S.t. ‘Laurentii’, with creamy-yellow margins to the leaves, is the form usually seen. A loam-based soil mix is suitable for this semi-succulent, and like other succulents it should be allowed to dry out completely between waterings. Keep dry during the winter. A sunny or lightly shaded position will suit it well as it is a tough plant which will thrive in almost any light conditions. Feed established plants every three or four months during the growing season. Propagate by leaf cuttings or by dividing the rhizome. (S.t. ‘Laurentii’ cannot be propagated by leaf cuttings as the resulting plants will have lost the distinctive yellow stripes.)

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