Saxifraga stolonifera ‘Tricolor’

Aaron’s Beard or Mother-of-Thousands is a good choice plant for cooler rooms. It is native to the mountains of China and Japan. It makes a good rosette of round, crinkly-edged, long-stalked leaves; those of the cultivar ‘Tricolor’ are creamy yellow to pink on the margin. The small white flowers are arranged in tall, racemose inflorescences. The two, enlarged, all-white petals are striking; the other three are smaller with pale violet tips. Long, thread-like runners, bearing baby plants at the end, emerge from the leaf rosette.

The trailing runners make this Saxifraga an ideal plant for positioning on a high shelf or in a hanging container. The best growing medium is frame or composted soil with an addition of coarse sand. The type species tolerates a temperature as low as 5°C (41° F) in winter, but the cultivar ‘Tricolor’ is more tender and grows best at a temperature of 15°-20°C (59°-68°F). Water moderately, but mist regularly to provide a very humid atmosphere. Feed with organic fertilizer.

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