Scabiosa- Scabious

Annual and perennial plants with delightful flowers, usually blue.


Annuals are grown for cutting or in the annual border, not usually used as bedding plants. Hardy perennials in the border, also excellent for cutting.


Standard garden soil is satisfactory.


Annuals are sown from early spring in a cold frame; hardy perennials are divided in spring.

Scabiosa atropurpurea: Annual; height 20-60 cm; flowering season early summer to mid autumn with double flowers in deep purple, rose red, brick red, blue etc. Tall strains are grown for cutting.

Scabiosa caucasica: Hardy perennial; height 50-80 cm. Flowering season early summer to mid autumn as pale-blue flower-heads with a large disc: ‘Clive Greves’, sky blue; ‘Miss Willmott’, white; ‘Moerheim’s Blue’, deep violet. Flowering is never profuse, but there will always be some blooms.

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