Scilla- Bluebell, Squill

A bulbous plant with attractive drooping flowers, suitable for naturalisation.


Early species are excellent in combination with other bulbs and tubers. Bluebells flower at the same time as many shrubs.


Standard garden soil, not too dry.


From bulbils or from seed.

Scilla bifolia: Height 10-15 cm; small, deep blue flowers in early to mid spring. As a rule each plant has two leaves. Scilla hispanica syn Scilla campanulata, garden bluebell: Height 20-30 cm, bell-shaped flowers in dense clusters, blue, rose red or white, in late spring. Scilla sibinca: Height 10-20 cm; sky-blue or white flowers in early to mid spring. ‘Spring Beauty’, dark blue, is one of the finest strains; may be left in situ for years on end.

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