Sedum morganianum

Burro’s Tail and the cultivar ‘Burito’ are easy to care for and are popular house plants of Mexican origin. The drooping, branching stems, thickly covered with leaves, make the former an exceptionally good plant for windowboxes or hanging containers. The very succulent leaves are about 2 cm (0.5 in) long and pointed at the tip. They are pale green with a bluish bloom. The plant flowers rarely.

In summer, it thrives in a sunny and well ventilated position; it tolerates full sun. It also does very well if transferred to the garden. During the rest period, from November to January, transfer it to a light place at a temperature of 5°-6°C (41°-43°F). At higher temperatures, the plants become unduly tall. Restrict watering in winter. Propagate by stem cuttings inserted into a sandy compost. Alternatively, detach individual leaflets and place them on the surface of the compost where they will readily put out roots.

The cultivar ‘Burito’ is a hardier plant with stronger stems. The succulent leaves are not flattened on the upper side so that they are almost circular in cross-section. It is cultivated in the same way as Burro’s Tail.

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