Sedum seiboldii – Sedum

One of a numerous species. Sedum has small pink flowers on the ends of trailing stems decorated with thick rounded leaves which are cream centered with sage green edges. May be grown on a balcony in summer.


  • Minimum winter 5-10 °C (41-50 °F)

Soil: Mix 20% horticultural sand with soil-less compost. Ensure good drainage.

Where to position:

In a sunny position shaded or protected from hot sun through glass.

Sedum seiboldii - Sedum

Watering requirements: Keep soil moist. No special humidity or spraying requirements.

General care: Cut off faded flowers or stems that become bare or straggly. The plant is an excellent trailer and blends well when planted in front of other subjects. Feed with weak liquid fertilizer monthly.

Rest: Keep dry in winter at a temperature of 5-10 °C (41-50 °F). In spring, re-start watering and feeding. Re-pot if necessary.

When Sedum looks sick:

  • The fleshy leaves begin to take on a yellow tinge and drop easily : This is a symptom of root damage caused by excessive watering or excessive feeding. In either case reduce the amount given. If the soil is saturated, re-potting will give the plant a check but will probably save it.

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