Selaginella – Creeping Moss

There are several species of Selaginella. They often resemble mosses but are really tiny ferns. Others look like miniature trees sometimes with white and green variegated foliage. They are all very attractive and combine well with the other plants. Suitable for bottle gardens.


Growing season 12-20 °C (53-58 °F)

Minimum winter 12 °C (53°F)

Soil: Soil-less compost in shallow dishes with adequate drainage.

Where to position Creeping Moss: In a well shaded site away from draughts and extreme temperature changes. Strong light damages the fronds.

Selaginella - Creeping Moss

Watering requirements: Keep well watered in shallow pots. Pay special attention to drainage, humidity and regular mist-spraying are essential. It likes a moist root run but dislikes waterlogged soil.

General care: Feed two or three times each season with very weak liquid fertiliser. Maintain regular watering and humidity.

Rest: Reduce water slightly in winter; protect from draughts and sharp temperature changes.

When it looks sick:

The tips of the leaves turn brown and dry : The condition progresses down the plant. As parts of the plant die off, it becomes unsightly and open. Over-feeding, over-watering, under-watering, poor humidity and poor drainage can all have this effect. All must be checked and corrected.

Where to position: A cool light position out of full sun. It objects to draughts which make leaves go limp.

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